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Warhammer 40K 8th Edition Apocalypse at Let’s Play

Warhammer 40K players – here’s your chance to show off your armies to brand new Warhammer 40K Players at Let’s Play July 1st.

Gnome Games has 12 Free Day passes for Warhammer 40K players that want to throw down at Let’s Play 2017.
Bring your fully painted armies, and we’ll assemble teams using the 8th edition rules and fill a monstrous table with great miniatures, fun and let you share the excitement with players that don’t even know what Warhammer 40K is all about.

Here’s the skinny – First let us know you are coming – email us at or send a PM on the Gnome Games Green Bay East Facebook Page. Then bring an army of at least 1000 points of fully painted miniatures to Let’s Play 2017. Bring the 8th edition Index for your army.
We’ll team you up into two Apocalyptic teams and let you play it out from 11 AM – 4 PM (or later if you want to stick around and throw down).

We do ask that you conduct yourselves in a family friendly manner that represents your hobby in a positive manner to the families that will be watching you play.

We’ll also be hosting a Paint a Space Marine table as well where new players get to meet and create their first Space Marine.

Warhammer 40K Apocalypse at Let’s Play 2017
When: Saturday July 1st
Where: Let’s Play 2017
Radisson Paper Valley Hotel and Convention Center
Registration/ Setup 10 AM – 11 AM
Start 11 AM

Price – FREE for the first 12 players to Check in with Gnome Games and have fully painted armies of at least 1000 points.

Prizes – There will be a few trinkets and some appreciation gifts from the Head Gnome for those players that step up and help with this unique opportunity.

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