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Triptic Gaming Demo/Playtest Night at Gnome Games Appleton East

Gnome Games welcomes Triptic Gaming to the tables at Gnome Games Appleton East on Thursday September 14th from 6:30 – close.

Gnome Games supports local publishers with Demo and Playtest events where you can meet the designers, help them make the greatest games possible. This month we welcome Triptic Gaming to the tables in Appleton for a night of playtest and demo fun!

Gnome Games supports new designers, and assists them with free demo and playtest tables and promotion.  If your company would like to be a part of this program please email playtest (at) and Pat will set up a time to talk with you about what we need to get your games on our tables.

This  month we invite your to  come on in and try out some upcoming games from local game designers  –  Triptic Gaming!

Gnome Games New Game Designer Playtest Night

Gnome Games Appleton East
Thursday, September 14th, 2017

Start time: 6:30pm

GreenLit is a party game for which puts your creativity to the test as you pitch movies to each other.

The catch in GreenLit is that you aren’t necessarily in charge of casting or production. That means you’ve got to work with what you’re given!

Verus, a new roleplaying system with a world populated by unique races and stories, is still in the making, and you have a chance to shape the final product.

Triptic Gaming will have pre-generated characters available for playtesting a handful of short combat scenarios.

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