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Play Standard Magic every Saturday and Sunday at Gnome Games!

Gnome Games adds Standard Saturdays and Standard Sundays to our event calendars every week for Magic the Gathering players!

Wizards of the Coast is providing some cool promos and playmats to players that play in more Standard Magic events, and Gnome Games is bringing more Standard Magic to the tables every week! We host Standard format Magic every Saturday and Sunday at all of the Gnome Games stores starting February 18th.

Players earn special promo cards when they play in sanctioned Standard Format events at all of the Gnome Games stores from Feb. 13 – April 16.

We’ll also be getting 3 special very limited edition playmats to give out as well.

Here’s how it all works.


First play in at least 6 Standard Format Events at the same Gnome Games store between Feb 13 – April 16. When you play in at least 6, you’ll be awarded the promo cards when they arrive.

We are adding Standard Saturday and Standard Sunday Magic to all of the Gnome Games event Calendars starting Saturday Feb. 18th. All of these events will start at 3 PM sharp. These Standard Format events will be 3 rounds, win a match, win a booster events.  Entry for each of these special Standard Events is $5.


Bring a friend – We’ll be awarding one of the limited edition playmats at each store to one of players that brings in new players. That’s right – we want to reward you for bringing in friends to play the game, so when you bring a friend who hasn’t played in a tournament at a Gnome Games store before we’ll give you a raffle ticket for a drawing for one of the limited edition playmats. You get one ticket for each new player you bring in to play!

Bring lots of friends – Instead of 1 friend why not bring 3 or even 7! We’ll run a 3 round win a match win a booster Standard Format event for you and your friends ANY TIME we have 8 players ready to play at least 3 hours before closing time at any Gnome Games store, as long as we have room for you to sit and play. If you know you are coming with a couple of friends you can use the Green Bay Magic Facebook group or any of the Gnome Games store Facebook Pages to let the world know you are on the way, and want to play some Magic.


  • Boosters – First, during each Standard Event you’ll be able to win up to 3 Standard Format Boosters. We’ll be awarding Aether Revolt, but if you can exchange it for a different Standard Format Set Booster!

  • Promos – We all know you love special art and promo cards. When you play in 6 of the Standard Format events at the same Gnome Games store between Feb 13 and April 16 you will earn some of the special promo cards from Wizards of the Coast. We’ll give you a Standard Magic Play Card at your first event and we’ll check you in each time you play. Play in 6 or more events and redeem your card for these promos.
  • Play Mats – Each store will have 3 playmats to give away, provided by Wizards of the Coast. We’ll be awarding these to players as follows after April 16th. We’ll announce the date for each store as soon as we know when the promos and play mats are arriving.

    • Bring a Friend – each time you bring a friend or new player to an event you’ll get one entry into a drawing for a playmat. We’ll select one entry to take home one of the limited edition playmats.
    • Winner Winner Chicken Dinner – Every time a player wins an event (or goes undefeated for 3 rounds in a 3 round event) players earn an entry to the Winner Winner Chicken Dinner drawing for the second playmat and a Chicken Dinner for 2!
    • Just Play – each time you play in a sanctioned standard event – you will be entered into a drawing for one of the playmats.

Let’s play some Standard Magic at the Gnome!

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