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Play Magic – Win Gnome Gold at FNM!

Play FNM at Gnome Games and you could take home Gnome Gold!

Gnome Games hosts Friday Night Magic every Friday at all of the Gnome Games stores and you can now win Gnome Gold when you play in FNM!
The winner or the top 2 players if they choose to split will take home Gnome Gold for every pay to play with a top cut FNM event that we host starting tonight.

Here’s how the FNM Gnome Gold Prize structure works.

Play in a pay to play Friday Night Magic event at Gnome Games that has prizes based on final finish.
This does not apply to win a match – win a booster, win a box, drafts, or other special events.

You can always see all of the latest Magic events at all of our stores here or get the Gnome Games App and be up to date all the time.

The winner will receive prizes as Gnome Gold based on attendance.
If the top 2 players are tied or decide to draw in the final match they both will get a Gnome Games FNM Winner Gold Card. The Gnome Games FNM Winner Gnome Gold card will be loaded with Gnome Gold based on event attendance as indicated in the table below

Gnome Gold may be used at any Gnome Games store for any regular purchase.


Players may redeem 4 Gnome Games FNM Winner Gold Cards for a Custom Gnome Games Golden Planeswalker ID Gold Card. All balances on the 4 FNM Winners cards will be transferred to your Golden Planeswalker ID Card. It will have your likeness, your DCI number and bar code and is ONLY available when you play at Gnome Games.

DCI Judges are also awarded Gnome Games Golden Planeswalker ID Cards when they judge a GPT, PPTQ or other special event at one of the Gnome Games stores.

All of the Golden Planeswalker ID Cards and Gnome Games FNM Winner Gnome Gold Cards are reloadable, so you can add more cash, use them to pay for prereleases, new sleeves, or event entries at all Gnome Games stores.

Gnome Games is not responsible for lost or stolen cards.
Golden Planeswalker ID Cards may be replaced for a $5 fee.

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