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Play Magic for Puerto Rico all month long at Gnome Games

Play Magic for Puerto Rico at Gnome Games!

Help Hurricane Victims!!
Win SWAG!!!

Attention Magic the Gathering Fans:

For the month of October Gnome Games will be collecting cash donations for victims of Hurricane Maria which devastated most of Puerto Rico.

Our game industry colleague and friend, Sito Sanchez, has organized a GoFundMe project to help his friends and family that live there, and we will be contributing 100% of all donations to his project. You can find out more or donate directly to his campaign here:

Gnome Games will be helping out in a couple of ways – including a Magic Raffle for some cool Magic goodness that you can’t normally get – like Flying Ships, Magic Banners and a From the Vault Lore at each store.

How can you get Magic Swag?

Simple, just buy Play Magic for Puerto Rico raffle tickets or play in any Gnome Games FNM or Standard Showdown events.

Players who enter our FNM or Showdown tournaments will each receive 1 raffle ticket per entry.
More tickets can be purchased if you want more chances to win.

Ticket prices are as follows:
$ 1 = 1 ticket
$ 5 = 6 tickets
$10 = 15 tickets
$20 = 40 tickets

What are the prizes? What cool swag can you put in your Magic Cave?
Wizards of the Coast has been sending us decorations that we are done using and need a new home.

Play Magic for Puerto Rico Raffle Prizes include*:

Magic Hour of Devastation Obelisk Standees
Ixalan 3D Frames
Kaladesh Steamship Decorations
Kaladesh Thopter Decorations
Red Aether Revolt Banners
Amonkhet Deity Banners
League Storage Boxes
Jace Standee
Avacyn Standee

Not all stores will have the same promo items, but there’s a lot of cool stuff

Play ALL MONTH for chances to win. We will be drawing prizes after we close on Sunday, October 29th after the final Standard Showdown of the Month. Raffle ticket holders DO NOT NEED TO BE PRESENT TO WIN! Please make sure that you put your name and email or phone number on the back of your ticket so we can contact you!

Now the fine print for the play Magic for Puerto Rico Raffle:

We reserve the right to limit prizes at each store to no more than 2 per person. Winners are not guaranteed any specific prize, swag will be awarded as tickets are pulled. If you have a preference, put it on the ticket and if that item is still available when we pull your ticket we’ll give it to you.

No raffle ticket purchase necessary, a free ticket is given for playing in each FNM and Showdown event. Chances of winning are based upon number of tickets entered.

All prizes must be picked up by November 15th 2017 or are forfeit.

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