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Math Fluxx – Preorders now available!

Math Fluxx from Looney Labs arrives at Gnome Games in March and preorders are now available!

Looney Labs releases Math Fluxx in early March, and Gnome Games is now taking preorders at all locations. This promises to be one of the most fun Flxx releases ever – and the possibilities for use in the classroom are really adding up!

Math Fluxx is really all about the numbers. Players use positive integers (whole numbers) in their quest to achieve a very mathematical Goal. But it’s not just putting 4 and 2 together to achieve the 42 Goal (for example); Math Fluxx also features the Plan B Meta Rule. Plan B puts Special Victory Rules into play which give you a second way to win and require even more arithmetical acumen (ex. Plus Victory lets you win if your Keepers add up to the current Goal). With Math Fluxx, the fun is exponential!

Fluxx is a Mensa Select Award Winner and one of the games we always have on the table for Middle School and Family Game Nights. It’s all about manipulating the Rules, your Keepers and the Goals to have your Keepers match the current Goal to win the game! The entire game is always in Fluxx – with something changing with every card being played!

Educators – if you want to preorder Math Fluxx for your classroom – please let us know and we’ll make sure we have it for you as soon as it’s released. School District purchase orders always get 15% off all orders for use in the classroom at Gnome Games.

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