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March Meetups at Gnome Games

With the success of last months board game Meetups, we have decided to continue the trend with another full month of meetups!

With meetup days 3 times a week spread out amongst all 3 locations, we always are playing something at a store near you!

In case you missed the meetups last month, here is a quick refresher on meetups and what they are.

What is a Board Game Meetup?

A Gnome Games Board Game Meetup is a time to come in and play games, any appropriate games you want. Come alone or bring a group! Play any of our demo games or bring your own game.

We literally just want to have people meet up and play games at our store!
This is a time and place where people can gather to enjoy a game together, try a new one or finally get to play that one game their other friends never seem to want to play

What is an appropriate game?

Gnome Games is a family friendly store, we would like to keep it that way. We understand that games like Cards Against Humanity and Telestrations after dark are funny, and fall into the party category, but we ask that you keep games like those at home.

When does Gnome Games host Board Game Meetups?

Gnome Games hosts a Board Game Meetup at all 3 of our locations WEEKLY!!!

Yes you read that correctly, We hot Board Game Meetup events at every Gnome Games store WEEKLY!!!


Now for the good stuff, WHAT GAMES ARE WE PLAYING!?!?!?!

First and foremost we want to remind you all that, just because we highlight a specific game, you may still bring in your own games to play. In fact we encourage you to bring any appropriate games you like to play at home!

Gnome Games Green Bay West
Friday Nights 6 – 9 PM

March 3: Flag Dash

March 10: Smash Up

March 17: Hibernia

March 24: Terraforming Mars

March 31: Ticket To Ride

Gnome Games Green Bay East Board Game Meetup
Saturday Afternoons Noon – 4 PM

March 4: Boss Monster

March 11: Honshu

March 18: Rumpelstiltskin

March 25: Dominion

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