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Guest Review – Dragoborne by Rowan

Gnome Games Guest Game Review – Dragonborne!

With all the new games coming out it’s nice to hear what others think of them, so we have a special guest review of Dragoborne by Rowan!
Take it away Rowan!

Dragoborn Review

Dragoborne is a new trading card game where you control armies of fantasy creatures in a battle for supremacy. There is a base set with three starter trial decks, and a booster pack coming August 17th. In the game, you play as five heroes called dragolords. The dragolords fight for control over all of Vashr, the fantasy world the game takes place in.


You start with a 50 card deck full of creatures, spells, and banners. Banners are extremely important because they are how you play spells and creatures. You and your opponent draw six cards and play them face down on your forts; this is your health. Every time you get attacked and your opponent hits your fort, you draw one of these cards.

Some cards have a skill called ambush. Ambush cards can be spells or creatures that you play face down and activate when a creature is destroyed in that row, or you draw a fort card. You can only have one creature in the ambush area.

You use your dice for two things: as a shield for the same colored row (dragoshield), or to make a creature of any color +1+1 until the end of turn (dragocross).

To attack, you rest the creature you want to have attack and tell your opponent which fort you are attacking. If they have a dragoshield, the attacking creature does its amount of attack power to that dragoshield. If there is no dragoshield and there is a creature at that fort that is not at rest, your opponent can block with that creature. When a creature blocks your attack it does its attack to your creature’s endurance and your creature does the same. If either creature’s health goes down to zero or lower, it is dead and goes in your discard pile. If there are no creatures, no dragoshield, or your opponent chooses not to block, they draw a fort card. Play repeats until someone has drawn all their fort cards, which means they lose.

My opinion of Dragoborne:

Dragoborne is a wonderful game that I would suggest to everyone. It’s fun, not too long, and worth the time. One of my favorite parts of the game is that if your opponent destroys two of you forts you can still defend the final fort and strike back for the win. I would highly suggest picking it up, and I hope that it will continue to grow.


Thank you for the review Rowan!

Rowan is 12, likes Pokemon, board games, and video games.
He wants to be a chef.
His favorite games are One Deck Dungeon, Fluxx, and Roll Player. Take it away Rowan!

Gnome Games currently has Dragoborne decks in stock if you want to try this new game out.

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