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Gnome Games Middle School STEM and Marketing Folders

Gnome Games brings STEM supportive folders to middle school students in northeastern Wisconsin!

Gnome Games, the game industry leader in community outreach brings STEM Supportive folders to middle schools across northeastern Wisconsin.  This unique opportunity allows Gnome Games to partner with select game companies to promote the educational aspects of their games in the schools as we provide 5th and 6th grade students with free folders in the public and parochial schools in the area.    Imagine having your game marketing information being carried and visible in over 50 middle schools for 4 months, where student see you products every day they go to school?  Think that might have a positive impact on sales?  We do!

Gnome Games is going to feature 4 – 6 manufacturers or games in a STEM based assignment folder that will be circulated to 14 districts in NE WI.
They’ll be going to about 8200 unique families with 5th and 6th grade student, primarily through the district gifted and talented coordinators and school counselors.  The art we include on the folders must be appealing to this age demographic, represent a game or product line that appeals to the 5th – 6th grade customer and their families and has some level of STEM engagement appeal.

Here is the breakdown –

Brown County – 15 Schools, 8700 students
Outagamie County – 19 schools, 7600 students
Kewaunee County – 2 middle schools, 600 students
Door County – 4 middle schools, 700 students

We are targeting 5th and 6th grade students specifically with this program to keep it inside a target age demographic for both products and art appeal.

We will also include some marketing information about Gnome Games and the Gnome Games Great Grades Program and a few common core grade appropriate facts etc. that support the product lines and intent of the project.  These folders will be full color, and free to the students.

We want to have the design feature games that reflect the educational aspects of the game/games and are open to suggestions from your designers on layouts.

Pricing for the folders is passed on 6 manufacturers – and we are looking at $250 fee or $300 in wholesale product delivered from each manufacturer features to make this a reality.  Wholesale product must be negotiated in advance of going to print.  We’ll need the initial art to be delivered by August 10th, and final art approval NLT August 22nd so we can get them printed and deployed for the first day of classes.  Should we find ways to reduce the costs we will reduce our charges accordingly so that what mfg’s are charged is not one penny more than the cost of the production of the folders.

We are very open to suggestions for this program.

We have a couple of very stringent requirements for manufacturers participating in this program.

  • All games represented on these folders should be available at fair margin to us throughout the fall.
  • None of these products may have an exclusive variant planned or available at mass market through 2017
  • We ask that a 3 demo copies of each game represented be provided to Gnome Games to support in school and community outreach demos.
  • Of course all art needs to be appropriate for in school use – we want the kids to carry the folders for 6 months!

Questions – please contact Pat at pat at

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