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Friday Night Flights – X-Wing every Friday!

Gnome Games hosts Friday Night Flights for X-Wing every Friday night at Gnome Games Green Bay East!


X-Wing players grab your ships and join us for Friday Night Flights at Gnome Games Green Bay East every Friday night!

Each week we’ll run 3 rounds of X-Wing starting at 6:30 sharp. Entry is $5 and all entry fees will be returned to the players in prizes.

Here’s the September Friday Night Flight Event Schedule –

Friday September 8th – Basic Flight Training

  • 100 Points per player
  • Standard Tournament Rules

Friday September 15th – “I got your 6”

  • 75 Points per player
  • Standard Setup Rules
  • Each player will be assigned a teammate randomly every round to fly with

Friday September 22nd – September Pilot of the Month Tournament

  • 100 Points per player
  • Standard Tournament Rules
  • This will be a full tournament with quarterly FFG Prizing in addition to the Gnome Gold – (We are open late!)

Friday September 29th – X-Wing Rocks!

  • 100 Points per player
  • Players place an additional 2 asteroids per player!


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