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Free Modern with Modern Masters and Eternal Masters every Thursday

Modern Magic Players – your free weekly Modern Tournament Nights include Eternal Masters Prize Support at Gnome Games!

Gnome Games hosts free Modern Masters events every week where you can test your latest deck, play against other competitive Modern players and just have some fun playing Magic at the Gnome. We are adding an Eternal Masters Pack to the prize pool for each of these events every week in addition to the Modern Masters and Modern Masters 2015 boosters we already have in the prize pool.

These events are always exactly 4 rounds and the prizes are awarded based on final rank at the end of round 4. There isn’t a top cut, and we seat at 6 PM SHARP for these events. If you are running a little late – give us a call and we will get you in, but we won’t hold an event for a player. Rounds are always 45 minutes for the weekly Free Modern Events.

Weekly Modern Masters prizing now includes Eternal Masters!

Prizes – there are always 3 boosters in the potential prize pool. The more players that play, the more players that can win.
Each week we provide 1 Eternal Masters Booster, 1 Modern Masters 2015 Booster and 1 Modern Masters Booster to the prize pool.

When we seat 8 – 16 players the top player will get their choice of the boosters.
When we seat 17 – 24 players the top 2 players will get their choice of the boosters – with the top player choosing first.
When we seat 25+ players – the top players will get their choice – choosing in order of standing.

Player count is always determined at 6 PM when we seat. Players are welcome to come late and join the event, but they do not count toward the player count unless they have called us to let us know they are going to be late

Here’s when and where we play these FREE Modern Events

Monday 6 PM – Modern Mondays in Appleton
Gnome Games Appleton East
Registration opens at 5:30
Tournament starts at 6 PM SHARP

Thursday 6 PM – Modern in the Shadow of Lambeau
Gnome Games Green Bay West
Registration opens at 5:30
Tournament starts at 6 PM SHARP


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