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Force of Will for May at Gnome Games

May Force of Will events at Gnome Games

It’s May and it’s time for more Force of Will! This month’s League Tournament promo is a random pull if you do well in the monthly League Tournament, so bring your lucky charms or maybe lucky cards. Next month we’ll have pre-release for the next set Echos of the New World with even more exciting new characters. Grab your cards and let’s play Force of Will!

Force of Will League at all Gnome Games Stores

When you play in League you check in with the Gnome running the event. Every time you come to League and get recorded adds up, because at the end of the month you’ll get to pick a promo card from our promo binder. The more times you come, the more choices you get!

Gnome Games Green Bay East Force of Will League – every Sunday from 12 to 2pm.

Gnome Games Green Bay West Force of Will League – every Saturday from Noon to 2pm.

Gnome Games Appleton East Force of Will League – Every Wednesday from 6 to 9pm.

Monthly Force of Will League Tournaments

All Gnome Games League Tournaments are in New Frontiers format. This means that all cards from the Alice Cluster, the Lapis Cluster, Valkiyria Knights Vingolf, and Ruler All Stars Vingolf Box will be legal, also that Reflect, Child of Potential and Refrain, Child of Convergence are banned from tournament play.

Gnome Games Green Bay East runs a New Frontiers tournament every 1st Sunday at 1:00.

Gnome Games Green Bay West runs a New Frontiers tournament every 3rd Saturday at 12:30.

Gnome Games Appleton East runs a New Frontiers tournament every 4th Wednesday at 6:00pm.

Entry is $5 and there will be a chance to win promo cards and maybe a special prize like a messenger bag or playmat!

For the tournament promo card this month it’s random promo pull! We have a selection of cards, but you don’t know what they are when you choose, so hope you have good luck. If we get enough people the winner may even take home a special playmat too!

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