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Force of Will December at Gnome Games Green Bay East – Legacy Lost Pre-Release!

December Force of Will includes a Legacy Lost Prerelease at Gnome Games Green Bay East

It’s time to get ready for a new set for Force of Will – Legacy Lost.

The Legacy Lost releases this month with all sorts of exciting new cards for your Force of Will deck. This is the second set in the Lapis Cluster, and just like the first Gnome Games will be holding pre-release events, where you can get the cards before they are on sale! Gnome Games Green Bay East will be holding a sealed prerelease event for Legacy Lost on Saturday, December 4th at 1:00pm.

We host Force of Will tournaments every Sunday at 1pm at Gnome Games Green Bay East. These are Swiss style tournaments. Entry is always $5 for these events and everyone gets a booster, with additional boosters awarded based on attendance. Keep an eye on our website and Facebook page, sometimes there are also special prize tournaments where playmats or messenger bags are given out too! 1st and 2nd will get a promo card, and when we have 8 or more players 2 more promos will be awarded randomly at the end of the Swiss rounds.

Currently all force of Will Tournaments are New Frontiers Format.

Here’s the December 2016 lineup for Force of Will at Gnome Games Green Bay East.

December 4th – Legacy Lost Pre Release!

1:00 PM

$20 plus tax per person. Each player will get 6 boosters to open and build a deck with. Everyone will get a promo card and have a chance to win a cool playmat!

December 11th – Gwiber, the White Dragon Promo

December 18th – Soulhunt Promo

December 25th – Gnome Games is closed. Enjoy a game with your friends and family!

December 31st – Lumia, the Saint Lady of World Rebirth Promo

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