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Family Game Night Registration

Let’s Play at a Family Game Night at your church or school!

Gnome Games brings the finest in family tabletop games to your school, church or community group for an afternoon or evening of fun – we call these events a Family Game Night – even if they happen during the day!

Here’s how it works – you request to schedule a family game night with the Gnomes by filling out the form below.
Please check the Outreach Calendar to see if there are any conflicts before you schedule your event.

We don’t accept email, in person, or phone requests.

We ask that you schedule this at least 30 days in advance of the event so that we can make sure we are able to staff it, you are able to advertise it and everything runs smoothly.

If you’d like us to help with door prizes for your guests, we help you select age appropriate games, and offer a Game Night Door Prize discount on the games for your event.  Just tell us your budget and we’ll help you stretch it as far as possible.  We have found that having 3 – 5 of the games that we are playing at the Family Game Night is a great way to increase attendance and fun factor at these events.  We do ask that if you are doing door prizes for an event that some of them are purchased from us.

To get started – check on this calendar to make sure we aren’t already booked for the date your group wants to host your game night on.

Then request a game night by completing the form below.

After we receive your request we’ll review it within 2 business days to make sure we can support it –

We try our best to support all the events, but sometimes we can’t do them on the date/time you ask for.

We also won’t come out for a for profit event without compensation.

Events are not approved until we contact you with approval and put them on the Gnome Games Community Outreach Calendar.  We will email you back and put your event on the Gnome Games Community Outreach Calendar.  You’ll also get an invitation to that event via the email you used to request the Game Night.

If you don’t hear back from us within 3 business days or have questions please email .

Make sure you include the name of your group and the date of your request in the email.

Once your Game Night is approved then it’s time to get ready for the big day!

  • Your group should advertise the event (we can help with flyers and posters that you can print), set up the venue, get some non-messy snacks and get the tables ready the day of the event.
  • For larger groups we may need some volunteers to help teach games and supervise tables. We can teach parents and high school volunteers how to play one of the game at the game night so they can help.
  • For in school events during normal school hours we always ask that teachers to be present to assist with supervision of all groups.
  • If you have door prizes planned you’ll need to figure out how you want to give them away (we strongly suggest a ticket bucket for each game so that families have the best chance to get the game they really want).
  • For promoting your events – you might want a flyer or poster – to send home with your students.
  • Tell the whole community you are having fun – putting the event up on your sign or in school announcement boards builds excitement.

Here’s a full page pdf (Form Fill so you can put your information on it)
Here’s a flyer for your event (Form Fill  – 2 / Page so you can send it home with the students)

On the day of your Game Night

The Gnomes bring all the games, prizes (your group can purchase these from us), and staff to teach the games and run the game night for you.

We’ll present these in a high energy manner and encourage everyone to play. Gnome Games staff will also teach families how to play the games and be on hand to help with the entire evening.

Game nights within 25 miles of Green Bay or Appleton are usually free, outside that area we ask for compensation for mileage.

Donations are always appreciated to help us defray the costs of the Gnome Games Community Outreach Program.

At the end of the family game night the Gnomes give your guests a handout telling them about the games they played and encouraging them to visit our stores for a new game, then we pack up the games and are off to another night.

Your guests go home happy!

Schedule your Game Night

For more information please email

Let the Gnomes bring a night of fun and games to your school with a family game night!


4 Comments on Family Game Night Registration

  1. Betsy Luczaj // October 3, 2014 at 9:03 pm // Reply

    I forgot to mention that the Green Bay School District is requiring all visitors interacting with students to have a background check completed, so anyone coming for game night is required to have a background check on file.

    I also requested these nights in emails several weeks ago because your web sign up was out, but did not hear back, so if it is already scheduled, I was just making sure by registering on-line.

    • Betsy – our background checks were submitted to Deb Pelishek a while ago – and most staff is just renewing so we should be set for 2 more years.

  2. Betsy Luczaj // November 12, 2014 at 3:42 pm // Reply

    Thank you!

  3. The Head Gnome // February 5, 2015 at 11:38 am // Reply

    And all of the Gnome Games staff is once again complete with background checks with the GBPS and our forms are on file in the district office.

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