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Empire at War! A Star Wars Destiny Release

Gnome Games will have Empire at War for Star Wars Destiny next week!

Well it’s official. Star Wars Destiny: Empire at War releases in less than 1 week. It is a very exciting time to be involved with Destiny, between having a completely sold out Nationals and Worlds earlier this year, and just releasing its new surprise starter; Destiny fever is in full swing.

We have been spoiled quite a bit these few weeks leading up to Empire At Wars Release, it seems like you can’t avoid spoilers for new cards at this point. Every day you log onto facebook, reddit, or simply Fantasy Flights website, and there is something new. Well, we are about to spoil you a little further. How does preordering a box or two sound? Pretty darn good right!?

Gnome Games has officially opened PreOrders for up to 2 displays of Destiny PER STORE! But wait, there’s more! If you pay in full before September 10th, 2017, you will receive pre order pricing on your boxes. A single box is regularly priced at $105 plus tax per display. If you order and pay by the 10th you will receive 1 display for $90 plus tax or 2 for $175 plus tax.

Then join us for Destiny every week at all of the Gnome Games stores!

Upcoming Events:

Weekly Standard Win a Match, Win a Pack
Saturday, 2:00pm @ Gnome Games Green Bay East
Sunday, 2:00pm @ Gnome Games Appleton
Thursday, 6:00pm @ Gnome Games Green Bay West

Star Wars Destiny OP Event
1st Sunday of Month, 2:00pm @ Gnome Games Appleton
2nd Sunday of Month, 2:00pm @ Gnome Games Green Bay West
3rd Saturday of Month, 2:00pm @ Gnome Games Green Bay East

On that note, here is an image of Mace Windu’s previously spoiled card, because Mace Windu is awesome.

4 Comments on Empire at War! A Star Wars Destiny Release

  1. Will be getting down there tonight to get those preorder prices!

  2. Any word on the launch promos?

  3. We do have a launch kit for each store I will post event times later this morning

  4. Nice, I’ll be there after work for my 2

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