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August Steamroller – August 26

Warmachine and Hordes players – it’s time for the August Steamroller at Gnome Games Green Bay East Saturday August 26th.


Gnome Games hosts a Warmachine Steamroller event the last Saturday of every month and the August Steamroller is Saturday August 26th . Bring your best 2 list 75 point forces and be ready to rule the tables at the Gnome.

Gnome Games August Steamroller

Saturday August 26th

Entry $10
Format 75 points, 2 Lists from 2017 Steamroller Active Duty Roster

Registration Opens 9:30
60 Minute Deathclock

All Entry Fees returned as prizes.

We play Warmachine in the Bunker every Saturday at 10 AM.


Want to play during the week? The tables in the Bunker are available from 10 AM – 9 PM every weekday!

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