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April is Weiss Schwarz Celebration Month at Gnome Games!

Have you played Weiss Schwarz? If you like anime it’s a great game that has lots of different anime and can answer the question of what would happen if Fairy Tail’s Natsu fought Sword Art Online’s Kirito, or if Miku Hatusne took on the girls from Modoka Magica. All Gnome Games store run Weiss League every week, and this month we’re going to celebrate Weiss Schwarz with the chance to win a special playmat!

At each store when you come to Weiss Schwarz League and check in during the month of April you’ll get a ticket. Fill it out and drop it in the bucket. The last day of April we’ll draw one person to win a Love Live! Sunshine playmat. Everyone who participates will also get a copy of the special Shop Challenge Weiss Promo Card – “Summer School Uniform” Riko Sakurauchi in addition to your regular League binder pull at the end of the month.

Want to increase your chances of winning? Besides coming every week for Weiss League you can get an extra ticket two other ways:

  1. Bring a new player – If you bring a new player and they play during Weiss League you get an extra ticket for teaching them because games are always more fun with more people playing!
  2. Pack Battles – If you and another player both purchase 2 packs during Weiss League and play Pack Battles you each get one extra ticket. You can only get 1 extra ticket per league with Pack Battles.

Weiss League at Gnome Games Appleton East

Every Tuesday 4pm-6pm

Weiss League at Gnome Games Green Bay West

Every Wednesday 4pm-6pm

Weiss League at Gnome Games Green Bay East

Every Thursday from 4pm-6pm

How does Weiss League work? Every time you come and play Weiss Schwarz during one of the designated league times make sure you check in with the Gnome Games staff running the league. At the end of the month you get to pick a promo from the League Binder based on how many times you attended. The more times you come the more choices you get!

Weiss Tournaments at Gnome Games Green Bay West

Gnome Games Green Bay West also runs a free Weiss Schwarz tournament every Sunday at 1:00pm. The last Sunday of the month is $10 Pack Battles. There are promo cards for all participants.


Instead of Pack Battles on April 30, Gnome Games Green Bay West will run a special regular tournament. Everyone will get a promo card and if we get 8 or more the winner will take home a Love Live! Sunshine playmat.

Weiss Celebration Tournament

Gnome Games Green Bay West
Sunday, April 30th 2017
Registration starts at 12:30pm
Tournament starts at 1:00pm
If we get 8 or more the winner will take home a Love Live! Sunshine playmat!

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